Twenty-one tutorial updated


As some may remember, I had created this tutorial (there’s a link to the deployed version to github pages there).

Today I updated it to Iced 0.10 (it took just a few minor tweaks) and added a bunch more stuff about styling (chapter’s 5 and 6 are new).

I also made a repo where each chapter’s code is in a commit, so it’s easier to follow if you get confused or want to quickly see what changed, it’s here: Commits · brianch/iced-twentyone · GitHub

Tbh I’m a bit of a beginner myself, so take things with a grain of salt, but on the other hand I guess that this helps explain things, since it took a while for me to get how things work too :sweat_smile:

I hope it’ll help :slight_smile:

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Thanks @brian_ch. I finally gave up on learning Iced and have been continuing to develop my project in terminal-based mode. I will, however, eventually need to come back to Iced since this project really, really needs a GUI. I bookmarked this tutorial and maybe between this and Hector’s text editor tutorial I will be able to learn Iced when the time comes.

In the meantime, I have a couple of questions on the forum that have been languishing away without answers. Maybe you could take a stab at answering them? Thanks. Here are links: