What is the recomended way to sleep in a Command?

I want to a command to produce a message 200ms after launching it.

Currently, i’m doing it like this:

    async {
    |_| Message::AferSomeTime,

But, correct me if I’m wrong, I think this block the thread running all commands. And i also think this is the cause of this warning I’m having:

[WARN  iced_futures::subscription::tracker] Error sending event to subscription: TrySendError { kind: Full }

I tried to use tokio instead:


But i get an error at runtime:

thread 'smol-1' panicked at ui\src\lib.rs:112:21:
there is no reactor running, must be called from the context of a Tokio 1.x runtime

Have you enabled the tokio feature?

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No, I didn’t, this solved the issue, thanks