Video tutorial: Building a simple text editor

I have recorded a somewhat extensive videotutorial where newcomers can learn the basic ideas of iced and build a simple text editor in the process.


@hecrj ,
One of the first things you do in the video is use Autocomplete and Rust Analyzer to fill in the initial forms of the new(), title(), view(), and update() functions. How did you do that? I am using Sublime Text 4 and have added the LSP and Rust-Analyzer packages. I would love to be able to do what you did. Could you get me started? Thanks.

That is a code action in the Helix editor. I don’t know how to trigger that in Sublime Text 4.

Oh. Sorry to bother you, then. I thought it was part of Rust Analyzer. I’ll check the Sublime forum and see if they can help. Hmmm…maybe I should check out Helix.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Oh – should I post questions I have about this video here or would you rather I use the Iced discourse forum?

It may be! I just don’t know how to trigger it from Sublime, nor if it can.

You can use whatever channel you prefer!

Just so you know, I did get some help on the Siblime forum, but finally found it easier to just record a macro. That is working fine now.