System menu bar

I’m using Kde Plasma so my menu bar tooling is a little more buggy than what you would find on Macos or gnome but I cant really find any information online about a system menu bar. System meaning it uses the os’s native gui toolkit.

From what I’ve looked at I’m not even sure if winit supports it when looking at a issue linked from iced’s issues.

I know this topic has been brought up before I just can’t find it in issues or Discord.

I think, winit is only built to provide a window, graphical context and user inputs (aka what is needed for video games). But it does not provide integration with OS specifics such as KDE’s bar. For this a fork library has been created under the name glazier. I remember seeing it listed in iced’s roadmap, but I don’t think we can expect it come any time soon.

glazier isn’t really a fork of winit, but a fork of the windowing shell that druid used.

I definitely have plans to explore a glazier shell eventually!


Okay sounds good, I wanted to ask before I created some voodoo in my own project.