Submenu in a Context menu

I have been able to create a project that contains multiple widgets, one being a Button that can be right-clicked to show a context menu. (derived from the context_menu example in iced_aw,
Now I’d like to have some of the menu items be context menus themselves (“sub-menus”).

I was able to compile some seemingly appropriate code for that, using a new ContextMenu in the vec![..] that defines the (main) menu.

The appropriate button (aka menu item) is shown, and left-clicking as expected fires the appriopriate message.

But right-clicking does not do anything. I had expected it tio show the sub menu items.

Moreover, I suppose it would be “normal” to show the submenu items by mouse-over.

Actually I do need a “standard” menu(-tree) when right-clicking a cell of a table. (see crate iced-table )

Unfortunately the “menu” example can’t be compiled in the current repository, yet. Same does feature submenu implementations.

Seems like MenuTree is provided by the iced_aw library for that purose.

I suppose it does not make sense to try MenuTree right now, as the “menu” example supposedly is disabled for a purpose…

BTW.: do/will we have separation lines available in context menus ?
Edit: the docs say this can be done by quad … (I do ride a quad, but - not a native English speaker - I did not know what “quad” means in this context )
Edit/2: I have been able to use quad now.

Just pulled the newest version of iced_aw.
The menu example is enabled again.
It does compile and work great !
Now I can check it I can implement this as well as top menus for a window and as a contect menu to Table cells.

Many thanks !