Resizeable Column without PaneGrid


Is it really only possible to have resizable panes (or columns) using PaneGrid?

With the built-in widgets, yes. But it is possible to create custom ones.

What do you want to achieve?

I’m trying to build a “Item Preview”: Left column we list the items and the Right Column shows details about the selected item from the left column.

For now both columns are setup like this:

+ left_column
`--+ container
   `--+ scrollable
      `--+ column![...]
+ right_column
`--+ container
   `--+ scrollable
      `--+ column![...]

Which displays the data properly but make both columns to be equally size.

My goal is to allow the columns to be resized when needed so the User can read have a better reading of the content on each side. (on the right column we will be presenting some content that “cannot” be rendered with “word wrap”.)

I tried to do that with PanGrid but the amount of code changes seems to indicate it’s an overkill solution. :grimacing:

So I was wondering if iced had another route to achieve such design.