Request a vulkan renderer with a device extension

I want to do a special shader widget but unfortunately I need a custom vulkan extension for it. I don’t really understand how I would do it. The integration example is the closest I could find but it does a lot more than I really need. Also after using the code from there in my code I get all sorts of problems. Namely I get panics when the window resizes etc. It does a lot more like implementing its on event_loop etc. I just want to hook into the device creation process enforce vulkan and add my needed device extensions while the rest should do whatever iced is doing by default.

Is that possible? Maybe there is even an example out there I didn’t find yet? Unfortunately my rust and iced skills are quite mediocre as of now :upside_down_face:

What is it you want to do exactly?

I’d like to eventually add advanced graphical settings to run an iced application; exposing the iced_wgpu internals somehow.

My usecase is to import a texture via dmabuf and then use that in the shader widget.

So far I have implemented a Renderer and Compositor where I reimplemented the device creation process and request the necessary extensions. It is super hacky right now but works. Struggling on other ends right now :smiley: