Proposal for a more complete set of API to update window properties

I’ve noticed that not all the properties of a spawned window can be dynamically changed.
I’m not referring just to multi-window, but also to the main window in general.

There are some APIs to change window icon, size, position, toggle decorations and other, but not all the window properties can be modified.

I’d like to propose to add some more APIs to also cover the other parameters (min and max size, resizable, etc…).

Alternatively, I think that two simple APIs like window::fetch and window::set could work great in retrieving and setting all the properties at once.

Which of the two approaches do you prefer?
I’m available to make a PR about this.

For a possible scenario where this can be useful see Thumbnail mode by GyulyVGC · Pull Request #484 · GyulyVGC/sniffnet · GitHub