Highlighter themes

Looking through the iced_higherlighter crate and the syntect crate I don’t see how themes work. They seem very different from how iced theme’s work, and where are the actual colors/palette these themes use?

I was thinking about adding more themes to highlighting to match the current Iced themes but I don’t see where you would do that.


I presume we are talking about iced v0.12.0. correct?

I would say the best place to add new highlight options would be on a external crate like iced_extended_highlight_themes. That would give you freedom to develop on your own pace.

If you really feel like these new highlight options are crucial to the current state of iced development I would suggest reading the contribution guide lines and follow the steps required to have work merged.

For the “how highlights works” I don’t have a good answer now. I will checkout this part of the framework over the weekend and get back to you.

Thank you for your post and have a nice one :slight_smile:

That didn’t answer my question, my question was I don’t see where any colors or settings are defined iced_highlighter. While with iced application themes you can easily find where the palettes are defined. Also I wasn’t able to find a default list of themes for the syntect crate either. I haven’t used this crate before but it wasn’t under highlighters or themes.