Drivers needed for Iced?


I am considering what would be necessary to build a distribution based on the Theseus OS exokernel. One of the hard requirements of its intralingual design is that its “cells” must either be written in Rust or be imported from another language that uses WebAssembly as a backend.

I know that WGPU needs low-level hardware access of some sort for graphics drivers. What other requirements would an Iced-based GUI need for integration into a Rust-based OS?

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Hey @SamuraiCrow! That sounds interesting.

Not entirely related to your full question, but Iced does have a software renderer via tiny-skia that would allow you to attempt getting it working without wgpu.

You can then focus on window creation, which you’d need to look at softbuffer and raw-window-handle.

I know Redox, another pure rust OS, works with softbuffer and raw-window-handle. The creater, Jeremy Soller, might be a good person to discuss this with. He hangs out in the iced discord, not sure if he’s on discourse here yet.


Thanks! I follow Redox on Matrix also. It would be interesting to hear what his more traditional Posix OS does compared to Theseus.