A table / scrollable that can handle thousands of items?

So I am working on a music app, and I need to display data for the user from the database. I’ve tried tarkah’s table, and using the default scrollable, but if I insert ~thousand items, the application falls apart and lags a bunch. I imagine this is because it renders all of the content at once, so some copy of these widgets that rendered only visible content would be great.

I’m not really looking to learn how to make one (mostly since I do not know that much about the library and it may take a while), I just would like a repo / example for one. I really only need the functionality to scroll, add, remove, and select rows (and a way to link selected item -> database entry).

Any help or examples are greatly appreciated!

There is a List widget coming soon that will address most of these issues.

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I successfully tried the crate iced_table. But I only need 128 rows.

I suppose for thousands of line a dedicated (automatically loading) database grid is necessary . No idea if something like this already exists in the rust universe. (I once used such in the Delphi / Lazarus world.)

This one will resolve my post! yay!